2014 Reunions:

Annual Reunion 2014:

The Annual Reunion was held on Sunday 31 August 2014 Perth Modern with almost 100 attendees.

Photos of the event can be viewed here.

20 Year Reunion for the Class of 1993:

On Saturday November 23 2013 members of the class of 1993 held their 20 year reunion, Organised by Melinda Burns, the 1993 Student Council President it commenced with a tour of the old and new facilities of the school.

Amongst those attending were Szu-Lynn Chan, Tracey Brown (in for the occasion from Melbourne), Goran Nikolovski, Vaia Papakonstantinov, Paulina Balicka, Pamela Stephenson, Kristin Aldred, Erin Gisborne, Andrea Morgan, Donna Ward, and Chad Demidenko.

Also joining them were some of their former teachers including David Brown. Pictured below is Clare Tunney with teachers Jan and Richard Mantell.

After the tour the members kicked on at the Brisbane Hotel where they were joined by their Principal, Eric Alcock.

Class of 1958 again reunited!

An enjoyable occasion recognising both the school Centenary and the year in which most of the class turned 70 was held on the evening of Saturday September 10th 2011 at the University Club of Western Australia. The dinner was attended by 45 ex-students and partners.

Viv Goldberg (Routman), Leith Conybeare (Creed), Greg Doran and Terry Roberts travelled from the Eastern States and were also able to attend the school Open Day and the annual all-years Reunion. They each made a short speech about life at school and since, and jointly cut the Centenary cake. Terry commented on how pleased he was to find out during the open day tour that the school was once again a selective school. Leith had everyone laughing with her ‘far out’ stories. Greg had some stories of ‘the hole’ and a hitherto secret tale about Deputy Head Doug Collins upon catching him smoking, admonishing him with some sarcastic lines from a classic poem. Greg said he had been the lucky recipient of a kidney transplant, and therefore considered himself very fortunate to be able to attend this reunion 25 years later.

Like the film documentary series ‘Seven Up’ that traced the lives of a disparate group of British schoolchildren at school and every 7 years later, the booklets of biographies that have been produced for each of the five reunions held gives a snapshot of the evolution of the lives of the Mod. Class of 1958. Around 60 people submitted some details of their lives and hopes and photos for publication, and many others sent a Reunion Message, so there are over 90 entries in all in the bound booklet.

This time round the things that stand out in the bios were: friendships with classmates that have lasted strongly for over five decades since we left Mod; still working at 70 and enjoying it (for about 15% of the group); family, ‘Life in retirement is still busy!'; volunteer work; travel for the lucky ones; health problems; replacement knee or hip; coping with the loss of loved ones; being involved as a grandparent; a 50th Wedding Anniversary; comfort through religion; painting; playing bridge. The booklet has since been mailed out to those who sent an apology for not being able to attend, which has been appreciated especially by those who live overseas, in the Eastern States or in country WA. The Reunion Committee comprised Peter Farr, Clive Nelthorpe and Bruce McCallum.

50 Year Reunion of the Class of 1960

The Class of 1960 held their 50 Year reunion over a weekend in October. A Saturday night Dinner off campus was followed by a Sunday Picnic at the school. A Class Photo (right) was
taken and a weekend of renewal of friendships was had. Chief organiser was Ed Lazarus. On the Sunday a tour of the school was made, viewing both the older buildings and some of the newest buildings. Highlight for many was the opening of the bell tower and being allowed to ring the bell.

Thirty Year Reunion of the Class of 1980.

The Class of 1980 met in October and were pleased that they had not aged. That was until their year coordinator, Steve Lowry, told them that when he was their coordinator he was their age. They couldn’t believe that at 37 he looked so old to them. After that they viewed themselves in a different light.Again it was great to be back on the campus to visit old haunts and to see the changes before heading off to a local restaurant for dinner and talk – for some until 3.00 a.m.!!